We Help Elevate Ambulatory Surgery Strategies

Regent Surgical Health can be your strategic partner to achieve the ambitious goals that have been set for ambulatory platforms. Our team understands how to scale efficiently and how to avoid mistakes that can affect both inpatient and outpatient performance.

We help you review, develop, and execute ambulatory strategies ensuring faster and more efficient projects, stronger partnerships with aligned long-term interests, and solid foundations for clinical and operational performance.

Assessments can include:

  • Potential Acquisition Targets
  • Bundled Payment Program Assessment
  • Physician Recruiting
  • Case Mix / Volume Assessment
  • Payor Mix / Volume Assessment
  • Managed Care Analysis
  • ASC Design
  • Construction Budget
  • Operating / Staffing Budget
  • Cost to Invest / Revenue Projections/ ROI Projections

Request an Assessment:

“Regent offers a unique leadership perspective in governance and operations of a surgery center and has done a great job yielding a successful turnaround. We are confident in the company’s management ability.” – Keith Zimmerman, Ohio, VP of Physician Partnerships

ASC’s are not unlike any other business in that business models evolve over time and businesses either respond to those changes or become stagnant. As healthcare moves toward value-based care and risk-sharing payment models, many hospitals are taking a new look at ambulatory surgery centers as a transformational outpatient strategy with potential to improve both bottom-lines and quality of care.

At Regent Surgical Health, we evaluate and review Performance Metrics on a weekly basis

  • Budgeted and completed cases
  • Scheduled and monthly run rate cases
  • Budgeted and actual staff hours
  • Budgeted and actual staff hours per case
  • Cash collection goal
  • Cash collection run rate
  • Run rate case collected per case
  • Cases billed month to date
  • Unbilled cases outstanding month to date
  • Recruitment efforts
  • Clinical and business office developments
  • Managed care and other operational updates