While the concept of a bundled payment is deceptively straightforward, first movers in the practice and ASC market have found that moving from concept to execution is incredibly complex. For ASCs that effectively manage expenses, the concept has the potential to drive patient volume through partnerships with both payers and self-insured businesses.

Benefits of a Bundled Payment include:

  • Reduction in Unnecessary Surgeries – clinical protocols to ensure appropriateness of surgery, and steer appropriate patients to less costly alternatives
  • Lower Cost – clinical pathways designed with patient to ensure appropriate patients are receiving care at the lowest cost site of service, and not receiving unnecessary or redundant care
  • Reduced Readmissions – a technology-based care coordinated clinical pathway that facilitates communication across providers proven to increase compliance and reduce readmissions
  • Care Coordinated Pathways – dedicated care navigators to manage the patient experience and education, and improve communication between providers and the patient.
  • Better Patient Experience – care coordinated pathways and technology-enabled communication platforms have been proven to improve patient satisfaction, increase patient compliance, and reduce readmissions



Total Knee Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

Total Shoulder Replacement



1-2 Level Fusions


Artificial Disc Replacement

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