While the concept of a bundled payment is deceptively straightforward, first movers in the practice and ASC market have found that moving from concept to execution is incredibly complex. For ASCs that effectively manage expenses, the concept has the potential to drive patient volume through partnerships with both payers and self-insured businesses.

Bundled payment will be


of all medical payment types by 2023.

Benefits of a Bundled Payment include:

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“Providers and payers are beginning to recognize the opportunity bundled payments offer to greatly reduce the cost of certain high volume, high cost procedures like total joint replacements and spinal fusions. These procedures offer some of the greatest opportunities for savings for the healthcare system.”


Chris Stine,
Director of Bundled Payments & Corporate Compliance Officer



Total Knee Replacement

Total Hip Replacement

Total Shoulder Replacement



1-2 Level Fusions


Artificial Disc Replacement

“Regent’s Chris Bishop, Dave Moody and Chris Stine are working with us and with payers on next frontier management strategies, on things like payment bundling. They’ve been a very big support system for us, and the Regent clinical team is always available if we have questions.” — Kathy Horowitz, Administrator, The Center for Specialized Surgery at Ft. Myers