Getting involved in a bundled payment program requires a different mindset. It requires a person who can ignore decades of experience practicing healthcare one way and conceptualize an entirely new process. It needs to be someone who can think big. Someone who can see the big picture of what each partner needs out of the program to be successful.

Regent has traditionally played the role of structuring and managing the bundle for the following reasons:

  • Time: structuring a bundle is a full-time job
  • Expertise: the person involved needs to liaise with executives and large organizations
  • Resources: specialized technology is necessary to analyze data and monitor a program

It is the physician partners who drive the day-to-day success of the program. Dr. Jim Ballard and Dr. Chris Nanson, two of the leaders at the Oregon Surgical Institute (OSI), committed to a bundled strategy in a big way by building a one-of-a-kind surgical center specifically for total joint replacements. In a new eBook, they explain their decision and share their lessons learned.

If you too are interested in staying in the driver’s seat in developing care pathways for your patients, click here to download our newly published eBook.