Mike Karnes, his wife Mary Alice, and I had the opportunity two weeks ago to attend a dinner with Paul Farmer, MD and David Walton, MD. Paul and David are Harvard Medical School professors, on the staff of Women’s and Brigham’s Hospital in Boston. In addition, Paul founded Partners in Health and he and David work in the PIH hospitals in Haiti. Learn More About Partners In Health. Paul has worked in Haiti for 29 years and has founded two hospitals. He is the main character in the Pulitzer Prize winning book, Mountains Beyond Mountains. They described the devastation and the incredible needs of the population. When I asked Paul how a firm like Regent could help, he quickly said that they need surgeons who will come down for short term trips. They have people dying needlessly each day for want of timely surgical interventions. If anyone is interested, please contact me and I will make your interest known to PIH and work with you to find a good time for you to spend a week helping the injured and sick in Haiti. Mark Asperheim, MD, an orthopedic surgeon from Grand Rapids, MI is in Haiti now. Mark is a friend of Nap Gary’s. He has sent a supplies wish list. The most needed supplies are bovie tips. Amy Gagliardi has placed a large order directly through Cardinal for these bovie tips and will ask each facility to contribute the cost of a couple of boxes, at $63 per box for 80 tips. Regent will make up any deficit. This has the advantage of getting the tips there faster, and Amy thinks Cardinal will waive shipping charges. We appreciate you partnership and interest in serving the victims of this disaster.