At Regent Surgical Health, we’ve always believed the strongest ASCs are the result of aligning the interests of the community’s leading surgeons with the community’s leading hospital.

As healthcare moves toward value based care, which requires new levels of quality and efficiency, the most productive and profitable ASCs benefit from the combined talents of hospitals, physicians and corporate partners. By properly structuring an ASC joint venture, Regent helps hospitals defend market share, increase OR capacity, enhance physician loyalty, and improve quality – a winning strategy for sustainable growth.

Hospital Contracting Model:

Our model is emerging as the leading approach for structuring joint venture partnerships between physicians and hospitals. By allowing the hospital to form a strategic alliance with select surgeons, it minimizes the provider’s financial investment and helps achieve physician alignment goals.

If structured correctly, payments per case using the hospital contracting model are at least 30 percent higher than an independent ASC’s reimbursements. This model also provides competitive protections for doctors and allows them to maintain daily clinical and operations control over the facility.  Hospitals, retain authority over budgets, strategic decision, and disposition of assets.

Shrinking reimbursements are also forcing physicians to reconsider an ASC partnership with a hospital. The reasons are numerous:

1) Hospital-affiliated ASCs reap significantly higher payments for cases than independent facilities

2) Strategic alliances with hospitals are consistent with the aims of healthcare reform models

3) These deals provide a hedge against shrinking practice reimbursements for surgeons

4) Joint venture ASCs hold a competitive advantage over ASCs that do not partner with hospitals

“Regent Surgical Health demonstrated a stellar track record for delivering value to some of the nation’s leading systems. They bring clinical and business expertise in operating centers, and have a proven history of building strong relationships with surgeons.”

- Partner hospital CEO

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