The team at Knightsbridge Surgery Center in Columbus, Ohio is poised to increase the number of egg retrieval procedures it performs from about 20 this past year to 400-500 annually beginning in 2019, while improving the quality of the experience for patients.

“We have an ob-gyn group across the street from the center that focuses on fertility,” explains Nick George, administrator at Knightsbridge. “They brought a proposal to us to begin performing all of their egg retrievals here in the ASC. The primary catalyst for this transition has been our ability to offer anesthesia services with the procedure, to make patients more comfortable.”

While egg retrieval procedures are often performed in a doctor’s office, moving them to the ASC provides a more supportive environment for the patients. The shift reflects a trend Regent Surgical Health is tracking, toward conducting more women’s health procedures outside the hospital setting.  Regent works with the Knightsbridge center as a management partner.

“We have a full, working medical staff with multiple rooms for flexibility, and a lot more instrumentation readily available,” George explains. “And even if it isn’t used, it’s reassuring to patients to have it there if we ever need it. I believe the procedure is also a little faster at an ASC as well, because our staff is used to operating within a high efficiency environment.”

George says the Knightsbridge team can do an egg retrieval procedure in an ASC operating room very quickly – in just 10-20 minutes for the procedure itself, which is one reason they’re excited about the incremental case volume opportunity.

“While each case is not significant revenue, the cases are high volume with low overhead,” George says. “And we’ve been able to find a daily time frame that’s going to work well for the fertility group as well as our physician partners and the center. We already have the staff on hand during mid-day, and the procedures should integrate seamlessly to help fill gaps within the schedule.”

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