Happy New Year! We at Regent are looking forward to a great year in 2011. Looking back on 2010 is painful. It has been our hardest year since our founding. It began with the healthcare reform debate that took away physician owned hospitals as a business line for our company. Our two hospitals continue to lead their peers in quality and providing cost effective care. However, we have not convinced all payers to reimburse them fairly. As the Regent board member for both the Surgical Hospital of Munster and Medical Center at Elizabeth Place, we have challenges that we hope will lead to a clear path to profitability in the New Year. We also saw several surgery centers that historically have enjoyed great margins earn less than their historical profits. While most of our competitors have seen a 2%-4% decrease in cases in the last year, we have increased our cases for centers open at least a year by over 8%. In spite of this success, our net revenue is only up 2%. Our partners are performing more acute cases and we are only being paid marginally more by the carriers. So what went right? First, we successfully turned on two new centers. The Surgery Center of Mount Dora and the Surgery Center of Anchorage spread our geography from Alaska to Florida. Both centers are starting out well with successful Joint Commission surveys. This is a credit to cooperation between our on-site teams and our clinical directors. We added Michael Orseno to resource our business offices and improve their revenue cycle work. We successfully implemented new hospital partnerships and new physician partners that are adding great value to several ASCs. Marietta Surgery Center is seeing the positive impact of hospital contracting and a new orthopedic partner. Midland Surgical Center in Sycamore, IL incorporated an eye center into its business, thanks to its hospital partner. Cheyenne Surgery Center continues to surprise us with new partners and current partners increasing their utilization. And finally, the Summit Surgery Center in Reno turned the corner from losses as we initiated our turn around last year to profit this year. Finally, the November election is changing the psychology of the country and the prospects for healthcare reform. All spending bills originate in the House of Representatives. With the current level of spending extended to March, there will be huge battles for the new Republican majority to cut costs. They also promise not to fund the most objectionable parts of ObamaCare. This will not be pretty, but the stock market, the bond market and business leaders are more optimistic that there will be checks and balances again in Washington. What are we doing to make 2011 better? We continue to test models for encouraging physician utilization. “Same store sales” continues to be the most important part of what we are doing. Administrators and senior management of Regent are focused on this first and foremost, whether it be from existing partners and staff or adding new physicians. We continue to look at new turnaround projects all across the country. We are exploring partnerships that need our talents and expertise. With margins dropping nationally in the ASC industry, we expect to continue to see these opportunities. We are documenting our first overseas opportunity. We expect the first quarter to bring the completion of a new venture in Dublin, Ireland. It is a unique, physician driven, venture in this socialist system. We hope to learn how to operate in a more government controlled environment and to have a venture earning currency other than the dollar. Finally, we expect the economy to be our friend starting in 2011. It has not been our friend since 2008. While this is somewhat out of our control, we will devote resources to ensuring that we are able to take advantage of a better market by exploring several initiatives that will direct patients to our centers both locally and nationally. Please have a safe and enjoyable New Year. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to growing our mutual businesses together in 2011.