Health systems are moving quickly to strengthen ambulatory care platforms to lower the cost of care, improve outcomes, enhance patient loyalty, and improve physician alignment. Regent Surgical Health, one of the largest private developers and managers of ambulatory surgery centers, works strategically with hospitals and released today a white paper titled, “Double Your Ambulatory Platform by 2020,” aimed at helping hospitals embrace the risk and realize the rewards ambulatory platforms offer.

“Assembling the right, customized set of assets and tools that align well with your health system’s market and strengths is the real work that must be done on the way to doubling your ambulatory platform,” says Chris Bishop, CEO of Regent, “and speed is of the essence. Health systems who move strategically and aggressively will be well-positioned in this new market.”

Bishop asserts that value-based care is the new normal. Building on that notion, already 20 leading health systems and payers have pledged to convert 75 percent of business to value-based arrangements by 2020.

The new white paper leverages Regent’s experience to outline four key steps that will help providers double ambulatory care platforms over the next four years:

  • Develop a managed care strategy customized to the systems’ needs
  • Understand existing assets, strengths and opportunities
  • Identify the right expanded mix of ambulatory assets per market area
  • Execute with speed and excellence to strengthen relationships and improve care

“A strategically interconnected ambulatory care platform is critical to achieving success with value- based care, not only because it enables a health system to deliver care more cost-effectively, but because it allows the organization to serve the community well at the same time,” adds Bishop. “Approach it with an objective view of your strongest assets. Know whether you have the internal resources to get there financially, expertly, and rapidly, or not. If not, find partners with the culture and expertise to complement yours. Do it fast. Do it well. Sustain it. And you’ll thrive in the new world of value-based care.”

On the forefront of ambulatory strategy since 2001, Regent Surgical Health currently partners with 26 surgical facilities in the United States and Europe including 18 hospital joint ventures and 9 total joint replacement centers.

To learn how more, the white paper is now available for download.