ASC Administrator

It gives me great pleasure to announce the recipients of this year’s RISE scholarships. Each of these individuals, all the children of employees of Regent’s partner facilities, exemplifies the RISE values of Respectful Caring, Integrity, Stewardship and Efficiency through their commitments to their families, communities and schools. The winners are: Alexis Hall: Alexis is an incoming Freshman at the University of Wyoming. As a senior in high school she maintained a high GPA while balancing school work and volunteer activities. In her free time Alexis helps to care for an ailing family member. “I feel that by living with and by these (RISE) values it will help me achieve the goals I set for myself,” says Alexis. Thomas Holecek: Thomas is a Junior at Ferris State University. Thomas has maintained a place on the honor roll at college while participating in multiple extracurricular activities. Thomas volunteers at a youth camp in the summers as a mechanic, repairing and maintaining camp cars and equipment. “The RISE values are invaluable tools to help me overcome adversity. I am confident that by utilizing them I can be my best both inside and out of the classroom,” says Thomas. Savanah Krafft: Savanah is an incoming Freshman at Illinois State University. Savanah is interested in education and takes the education of children very seriously. She is adept at handling multiple commitments, not giving up until the job is done. “My mother instilled the RISE values in me as a child. As I have grown I have tried to keep these values strong and evident in my life and my actions,” says Savanah. Fauzia Rahman: Fauzia is an incoming freshman at Montclair State University. Fauzia makes herself available to friends and family in need, taking the time to listen and be there for them. She manages multiple responsibilities in addition to her studies. Fauzia takes the high road even when it isn’t easy; separating herself from others that do not hold to the same high values. “The RISE values are very important values to have as one grows into a mature person. Having them shows that you’ve taken in what you’ve learned during your lifetime and applied it in the most positive way,” says Fauzia. Victoria Vandersommen: Victoria is an incoming Freshman at University of Alaska Anchorage. Victoria is dedicated to helping those less fortunate. She volunteers her time, helping out at a soup kitchen as well as working with an organization that revitalizes low income apartment buildings. Even at a young age Victoria is focused on the future, she took an internship over the summer rather than getting a part-time job in order to discover if the field of study she was currently interested in was right for her. “I have demonstrated the RISE values by taking advantage of the resources I have been given and by my commitment to my community,” says Victoria. Though we had a number of deserving applicants apply, we felt these five individuals showed the greatest commitment to demonstrating our values each and every day. I want to thank everyone who applied for sharing their stories and congratulate our five winners. We are excited to be able to encourage a commitment to these values in the next generation. Congratulations!