It gives me great pleasure to announce the recipients of this year’s RISE Scholarships. Each of these individuals, all children of Regent’s partner facility employees, exemplify the RISE values (Respectful caring, Integrity, Stewardship and Efficiency) through their commitments to their families, communities and schools. The winners are: Derek LaForest:  Derek is a freshman at University of California, Santa Barbara, with an interest in political science.  Leading up to his college debut, Derek worked hard to maintain an excellent grade point average while balancing his advanced placement classes, water polo and his social life.  Derek recognizes the RISE values have prepared him to be the best person he can be. Jacqueline Emerson: Jacqueline is a senior at Colorado State University with a goal to own a marketing and design firm that serves nonprofit organizations and small businesses in her community.  Jacqueline is currently an intern with Hewlett-Packard Co. and an active member and volunteer with the Student Leadership Involvement and Community Engagement Program at Colorado State University.  She is faced with many challenging situations every day and uses RISE values to always do the right thing. Though we had a number of deserving applicants apply, we felt these individuals showed the greatest commitment to demonstrating our values each and every day. I want to thank everyone who applied for sharing their stories and congratulate our winners. We are excited to be able to encourage a commitment to these values in the next generation.

Started in 2010, Regent’s annual scholarship program seeks to reward students who have already exemplified our RISE values. To date, Regent has awarded more than $10,000 to 15 young adults, who we want as our future leaders — in whatever career they may choose. The criteria are not successful academics, athleticism or financial need. Rather, it’s caring for your fellow man; telling the truth even when the times are tough; doing the right thing when your peers are doing otherwise; serving as a resource in your community; and juggling the demands of a social life, work commitments, school and activities. Congratulations!