Several years ago we came to the conclusion that we were average at best at recruiting and working with excellent leaders. Recognizing this as a crucial component to building a better business, we asked Tom Jacobs of MedHQ to assist us in finding a partner who could help us excel in this area. Tom introduced us to Ann Rhodes and Delise Crimmins of People Ink, an unconventional human resources firm specializing in building internal people cultures that has experienced success with Southwest Airlines, Dial Corporation, Jet Blue Airways, American Express and more. While working with Southwest Airlines they perfected the process of recruiting using behavior-based interviewing techniques along with identifying, communicating with, and rewarding employees for exhibiting successful behaviors and corporate values. Partnering with People Ink two years ago, they helped us identify the values that we want to exhibit throughout the company to help foster success from both a business and clinical perspective. The values system we developed was RISE, standing for: Respectful Caring – Demonstrating compassion toward all stakeholders. Integrity – Being true to what we believe in, doing what we say we will do and adhering to our commitments. Stewardship – Responsibly utilizing and developing our people, property, and assets while fostering a safe and secure environment. Efficiency – Appropriately identifying, selecting, and managing all resources to ensure excellent clinical and financial outcomes. After identifying our corporate values, we needed to not only live them, but also to integrate them in all our processes, including hiring. Since then, we’ve reviewed new techniques for interviewing candidates – identifying the behaviors that lead to success in each position and using a team of interviewers to measure candidates to those standards. Additionally, we worked with our administrators to develop tools and techniques they will use to hold year-end reviews based on accomplishments as well as our corporate values. At present we are focusing on communications. Our goal is to effectively and consistently communicate with our staff, partners and patients what we strive to be through our values and behaviors. Among other initiatives, this weekly e-letter was born out of our goal. A new initiative coming soon is the Regent RISE Rewards and Recognition Program. Regent will be implementing a rewards and recognition program that will highlight the RISE values. The basis for the program is to reward and recognize those employees that are caught in the act of demonstrating Regent’s values. Once an employee is recognized, they will receive a puzzle piece pin for the value being demonstrated. Each value will have a color coded pin (R-Red, I-Blue, S-Gold, E-White). Each pin will be presented to the employee on a corresponding Value card with a note from Tom Mallon. After an employee has received all four colors, R.I.S.E, they will receive a bigger reward. This new program will be rolled out over the next month. We thank each of you for helping us improve our human relations. As we continue to recruit excellent managers that lead through example and pass along our corporate values to their employees, we will become that much more effective at providing business and clinical excellence. As leaders in the industry this is our ultimate goal.