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At Regent, we make a conscientious effort to live our RISE values of Respectful Caring, Integrity, Stewardship and Efficiency. Each of us works exceptionally hard day in and day out to do “the right thing” for our partners and the patients we collectively serve. Our primary function is to simply take care of patients who require surgery or procedures with the intent of returning them to optimal health as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Below you will see a newspaper article that demonstrates this in action. The subject of the article, Laurenz Egan, is the first person to be treated in Ireland using CyberKnife technology. Mr. Egan tells a story of how his life was saved by a “robot” and what his life is like today with his wife and kids. What was once an abstract business concept in a foreign country now has a face. It gives testimony to the value of the work performed here at Regent, by our hospital and physician partners in Ireland and by our corporate partner Accelitech. Take a moment and read the article. We do good work and at the end of the day we can be proud of all that we have accomplished. “Living on a knife edge – how robots saved my life.” By Joy Orpen, The Irish Independent May 4, 2014 Laurenz Egan’s life was turned upside down when, aged 22, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour but then he was offered the opportunity to become the first person in Ireland to undergo robotic surgery Click to visit The Irish Independent website for the full article.