Christopher Stine Applies Marine Corps Leadership Skills at Regent

In honor of Veterans Day, we sat down with Chris Stine, Regent’s Corporate Compliance Officer, to hear about his military service and learn how he translated that rich and rewarding experience to his role at Regent.

In 2009, Chris was at the tail-end of law school with seemingly endless options. He had worked at a law firm, and would go on to pass the bar exam in Illinois. But he wanted a greater challenge.

So, Stine made a no-regrets decision: he joined the U.S. Marines Corps.

Stine served as an Officer in the Marine Corps., an experience that gave him priceless leadership qualities that he uses every day in his position.

He served from January 2010 to April 2013 and says his time in the service helped him evolve and taught him an important lesson: to be a great leader, you must put the goals of others first.

“Prior to joining the Marines, I was more concerned with how I could improve,” said Stine. “And that’s important, of course. But from a leadership perspective, the Marine Corps drove home the fact that it’s not just about you. It’s critical to be able to make others better at what they do.”

As a Platoon Commander, Stine led the training and professional development of over 40 Marines. It was a diverse group, Stine said, and it was his duty to find out what they were passionate about, and how he could elevate them to greater heights.

“In the military, you’ll be put you in impossible situations and naturally, I made some mistakes along the way,” he said. “But these situations motivate you to learn and adapt quickly. For instance, I learned how to coach others and that you can’t accomplish everything on your own; you must delegate duties and empower people to make decisions. This experience mattered then – and it still influences me to this day.”

Stine excelled and was selected to lead a Marine Advisor Team to mentor over 500 officers from the Republic of Georgia Army as they prepared for combat deployment to Afghanistan. He later worked his way up to Company Executive Officer, and was second in command of more than 300 Marines responsible for the logistics, and communications functions for a battalion.

He also developed new standard operating procedures that managed the inflow, outflow, and maintenance of over $10 million worth of serialized inventory.

“There’s no question that my experience managing complex military operations have transferred to my current role at Regent,” said Stine. “When working with partner centers, we strive to set them up for success. We arm them with the processes, tools and resources they need to make the right decisions – and then we let them grow.”

“I’m fortunate that Regent recognizes the valuable experience that veterans bring to the table,” added Stine. “I’m proud to be part of this incredible, forward-thinking organization.”

On this Veterans Day, Regent Surgical Health is proud to honor Chris Stine, along with the men and women who have bravely served in the military. Click here and here to learn how you can get involved and help our nation’s veterans.